Toro Lawn Mowers

Toro Lawn MowersToro lawn mowers are one of the leading lawn mowers on the market. Toro is an American company that specializes in the manufacture of lawn mowers, snow blowers and irrigation equipment. The Toro lawn mower is used for commercial and residential turf maintenance and they come in a wide range of models from a small push mower to the larger ride on mowers and mini tractors.  The company has been in operation for about 90 years.

Toro Lawn Mower Uses

Toro lawn mowers are produced for the homeowner, golf course maintenance, professional contractors, sports, and field grounds maintenance. Some of the mowers have a recycling mulching system that mulches the grass while it is being cut and returns it to the ground that promotes a healthier lawn. The machines use the powerful Brigs and Stratton engine to power the special blades needed to mulch the grass into a fine mince and then press it back into the ground. The recycle mowers can dispose of the grass in three ways—mulching, bagging and the side discharge mode. Some of the Toro lawn mowers have an automatic drive system so the person mowing only has to walk behind the machine and the drive system will match the speed of the mower to the person’s pace. Toro has a very handy blade override system that can stop the blades turning while keeping the engine running, this is handy for crossing pavements or rough surfaces. Other smart ideas are an electric starter, and a quick wash, wash out port that lets you attach a hose to wash grass deposits away from under the mower.

The Toro ride on mowers can be used for larger residential lawns or commercial situations, many horticulturalists find these machines invaluable for their professional needs. A number of the ride on models have a zero radius turning technology which helps the mower get in very tight spots and close to edges.

The Toro lawn mowers have been in the industry for generations and are well-known and trusted machines. The company has been keeping up with modern trends and industry needs. Toro have developed some modern cutting edge features and applications and have machines for all spectrums of lawn maintenance from largest commercial needs to the smallest yard. Generally speaking, you can rest assured that the Toro lawn mowers are market leading pieces of equipment.

Toro Lawn Mowers’ Toro Lawn Striping System

Toro Lawn Mowers's toro lawn striping system is the new breakthrough from toro in design and maintenance.

Watch this video about how great this machine is from other toro lawn mowers.

Now with this new and amazing lawn mower, you can maintain your home's neatness by perfectly trimming the grass while at the same time style it with great stripes in just one mowing job with one single lawn mower. It is also perfect for maintaining the appearance and smoothness of golf courses.

This amazing machine from the group of toro lawn mowers, offer users an easy installation. So easy that all you need to be at your side is a screwdriver and rice sack then off you go to your lawn moving endeavors.

Mowing will never be the same again with Toro Lawn Striping System. This is yet another masterpiece from the leading toro lawn mowers.

Toro Lawn Mowers’ Toro Groundmaster 360 Quad-Steer

Toro Lawn Mowers' toro groundmaster 360 quad-steer is the lawn mower that will let you drive all away to the future of improved lawn mowing experience.

This revolutionary machine among toro snow blowers is equipped with quad steer that makes it superior from others in terms of maneuver control and overall performance. Thus, making this machine Toro's great masterpiece in steering geometry.

The design of this innovation is geared towards maximum comfort for operators. Why? Controls are simply right at your fingertips. Not just that it is also created in a way that you have a full 360 degrees line of sight. And above all, the seat is perfectly made to provide comfort for whoever does the hard work in the field.

Not like any other toro lawn mowers, this one aside from convenience and efficiency in one, it is also built to be long-lasting. It can go on for years as it is equipped with the Kubota engine and a superior deck architecture.

Here a video of one of Toro Lawn Mowers' pride.

So step right into the future with a whole new mowing experience with Toro Groundmaster 360 Quad-Steer and enjoy what it has to offer as one of the masterpiece of Toro Lawn Mowers.

Toro Lawn Mowers’ Toro Reelmaster 7000-D

Toro Lawn Mowers have yet another member of its vast models of high-quality lawn mowers. Bringing you, the lawn mower that has both the power and productivity to get every lawn mowing experience as convenient as they can be- Toro Reelmaster 7000-D.

As one of toro lawn mowers' proud models, this one boasts both power and efficiency. It is built with smart cool system that would always keep this machine on the go.

This lawn mower is enhanced with versatility which means that it is the perfect solution to whatever field you will be having maintenance with. Rough or smooth this one can handle job.

Not like any other toro lawn mowers, though this machine is built with some height, still it is capable of performing in such a fast pace that even Bermudas can be mowed as flat as that in the video you are about to see below.

So, for lawn mowing needs, you have the perfection solution, it might not necessarily be this type but you have a lot of toro lawn mowers to choose from.

Toro Lawn Mowers- 5500 Fairway Reelmaster Lawn Mower

Introducing one of Toro Lawn Mowers' masterpiece, 500 Fairway Reelmaster Lawn Mower.

In this video you will see one of the toro lawn mowers in action.

You will see that in the video this machine ain't like any other. It's sophisticated design is built not just for show but also superb when it comes to efficiency. Obviously, this machine is well-equipped with gears and power for top performance.

Whenever it comes to lawn mowing jobs, you surely won't find any other like what toro lawn mowers can do.

Facts on the Toro Company

The Toro products are sold under different brands in different countries. In Australia, they are sold under the brand name of “Pope” and in the United Kingdom, under the brand name “Hayter.” In Australia and the United Kingdom, Pope and Hayter are well known and trusted brands for garden supplies. Toro have distributors in many European countries, Japan, Korea and China.

In regards to power, Toro make mowers with electric powered engines, gasoline engines and diesel engines. The new diesel engines are biodiesel ready. Biodiesel is a cleaner burning fuel made from natural vegetable and palm oils.  The diesel engines are used mainly for the larger professional machines while the electric machines can be used in small residential yards.

Tuning Up and Cleaning the Carburetor of a Toro Lawn Mower

Here's a video that would help you do the maintenance for your Toro Lawn Mower.

Learn how to tune up your lawn mower to keep it at its perfect shape and at the same time discover the proper way of cleaning the carburetor it to preserve not just its power but also its performance as a whole.

All you got to do is follow exactly what the presentor does. One thing to remember though is to keep all removed parts in place and how these parts are arranged in your Toro Lawn Mower.

Find out more on how to tune up and clean your toro lawn mower here.

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Toro Lawn Mower In Action

This video is a demonstration on what the toro lawn mower can do to the grass but also to the leaves that have been scattered on the ground.

See for yourself how capable is the toro lawn mower in taking care of your yard whether it requires grass cutting or simply cleaning the leaves that fell.

Watch the power of the Toro Lawn Mower

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